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  • Range: Signature Range
  • Product: Reading Glasses
  • Rec Retail: $39.95 rrp
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  • Description:
Exclusive On the Nose designs.

The latest fashion trends and colour palettes of the season are reflected in
the style and colouring of this range.

Our premium range, it spares no expense in production and materials to make
a very durable, good looking (and feeling) glass.

Signature Range in now green (and red, yellow, blue, orange...)
These glasses are made from a resin sourced from soft-wood plantation
timber called Cellulose Propionate.

For each two trees harvested for use in glasses, three more are planted.

Each kilogram of resin consumes 850g of Carbon dioxide (taking it out of
the atmosphere) in an environmentally friendly manner.

Cellulose Propionate, like Acetate [Cellulose Acetate] used in many frames
sold by your Optometrist, is a thermo-plastic. This means it become more
flexible when it is warmed up without losing it's shape. This makes
exchanging lenses easy and this range can have individual prescription
lenses fitted for you by your optometrist.